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The Spanish Hazelnut

In Spain, hazelnut has its maximum representation in Catalonia, where more than 90% of the state area is dedicated to this crop. Within this community should be noted the regions of Baix Camp, Alt Camp and Tarragonés, without forgetting Conca de Barbera, the Priorat, the Terra Alta, the Vallés Occidental and la Selva, standing out the first for being flat lands, of great fertility and with a very high concentration of irrigated estates.
Avellana de Reus

Reus hazelnut Designation of Origin

The varieties protected by the Reus hazelnut Designation of Origin are: negreta, pautet, gironella, morella and culplana. The protected hazelnuts are presented to the consumer with shell, as a whole grain or toasted.

Spain, being a country of reference in respect of the production of almonds and hazelnuts, has become one of the main importers. These importations are subsequently channeled abroad, after a skilled industrialization.